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Promoting culturally responsive music therapy and therapeutic musicing practices in East Africa and beyond through participatory research, advocacy, empowerment, anti-oppression informed approaches, and the practice of cultural humility.

Umoja Global
Community Music Therapy

About Us

Umoja is the Swahili word for "unity". Founded in 2014, Umoja Global Community Music Therapy observes, collaborates with, and supports music therapy and therapeutic musicing services, entities, and programs in East Africa and elsewhere in the world. 


Umoja Global functions as a resource and advocacy body for the observation, promotion, support, and establishment of music therapy or therapeutic musicing services to promote mental health, address psychological and psychosocial challenges, nurture creative expression, and foster overall health and wellness. 

We are comprised of board-certified music therapists, child-life specialists, social workers, and like-minded qualified professionals. We are an associate member of The World Federation of Music Therapy (WFMT), and currently, our work is based in East Africa. We collaborate with communities throughout Kenya, Uganda, and Tanzania. 



Our Team


Nairobi Representative

Cara Smith


Brooke Hatfield

Vice President 

Kristina Cilento


Jenna bollard

Resource Specialist



We are currently planning our next service trip to East Africa. If you are a Music Therapist, Music Therapy student or have a background or skill that you believe would be a good contribution to our efforts fill out the application below. Do not hesitate to contact us with any further questions!


Every single donation goes directly towards our mission and keeps our program running. Please consider a donation of any size.  


Are you a Board Certified Music Therapist? Sign up for our Certification Board-Approved course "The Engine of Cultural Humility" for 3 Continuing Music Therapy Education credits. 
Brought to you by Medicinal Melodies LLC CBMT Approved Provider # P-183 in partnership with Umoja Global Community Music Therapy. 

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