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Next Scheduled Course TBA

Hour 1:

Introductions, discussion about participant’s interest in the course                        (10 min)

Discussing the importance and relevance of ethical intercultural exchange          (10 Min)

Defining Cultural Humility and differentiating from Cultural Competency             (10 min) Background information about Umoja Global Community Music Therapy            (10 min)

Identifying the various approaches to establishing empowerment and solidarity during intercultural exchange                                                                                                  (20 min)


Hour 2:

Assessing a culture’s preexisting use of music and receptivity to new ideas           (20 min)

Top 5 Things to Consider for facilitating intercultural music therapy exchanges   (20 min)

How music therapy addresses global issues                                                              (10 min)

Case examples                                                                                                              (10 min)


Hour 3:

The first steps in exchanges                                                                                       (10 min)

Information about Umoja’s service trip to East Africa                                              (10 min)

Experiential activity                                                                                                     (20 min)

Questions, discussion, wrap-up                                                                                 (20 min)

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