Why Women?

Because Women Matter

Women play a vital role in the societal and familial structure of their communities. They are the primary caregivers and their impact on society is unquestioned.


However, women are oppressed globally. According to the World Health Organization, one in three women worldwide are victims of sexual assault and intimate partner violence. In parts of East Africa 56% of women experience such violence. In underserved communities women and girls face many other issues such as extreme gender bias, lack of health care, and oppression stemming from the prevailing cultural and societal norms surrounding the status of women.    

In many cases, these issues are compounded by a lack of financial security women face as they depend on their spouses for monetary support.

Umoja aims to use wider accessibility to music therapy services to help these women heal but to also provide an empowerment tool so they can rise above their circumstances. In order to do this, Umoja rallies for the creation of education programs and lays the foundation for women to be able to attend accredited music therapy programs.


Through training, women can become music therapists in their communities. Music Therapy training can offer women a sense of control and will provide them with a career where they can make a difference for themselves and for those who matter most to them.

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